About Us

A little more about us

Our Motto

Christ in us and Christ Through us

Our Vision is

For every congregation to grow spiritually in Christ, to develop and multiply.

Our Mission is

We are a Holy Spirit movement focused on the equipping, empowerment and deployment of a passionate,
mature, Christ-like body.

We go out into the world to spread the message of hope and salvation,
and to mobilize others to active discipleship.

Our Values

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love, as one of our core values, is the spice of everything we do. This love is the foundation that activates and encourages the development of our other core values.


This is a value ensuing from a profound understanding of God’s nature and how it relates to our human situation. The fact that we are saved by grace and by faith alone, involuntarily directs man into a state of humility and meekness.


This value that portrays itself as simple, uncomplicated, transparent and sincere in all circumstances. Simplicity stands in contrast with everything that is pretentious, flamboyant and exaggerated.


It is the deep understanding and awareness of the greatness, holiness and glory of the triune God. Reverence is manifested through a momentous, enduring respect, a scared, reverent awe and a profound honour to God and all related to Him.


This is the state and attitude that rejects and despises everything evil, sinful and decrepit. Purity cherishes and strives for all that is holy, honourable, righteous and virtuous.


This is the value that honours Christ and His Salvation as the focal point of our existence. It is an attitude that wishes to honour and glorify Him in salvation, sanctification and mission.

Holy Spirit Lead

This is the value which considerers the guidance and the leading of the Holy Spirit as absolutely essential in life and in the ministry. To be led by the Holy Spirit necessitates submission to the sovereignty of God’s Spirit as well as clear expectation of Him to guide, to manage, to correct and to encourage.

Our Character

These are characteristics that we jointly aim for and that contribute to our unique identity:

Brave and courageous

Not embarrassed by our Christian identity, and having an unwavering, fearlessness to act even when popularity is in jeopardy.


Strong feelings of enthusiasm and excitement towards God and His commission.


A greater concern for the needs other than our own advantage or gain.

Honesty and transparency

To act without deception and misleading, free of hidden agendas and motives.


The realisation and acceptance of our stewardship towards God and our fellow human beings.

Our Principles

These are non-negotiable convictions by which we as a
body operate.

We believe

in sound, spirit-filled Biblical teachings and ministry.

We believe

that the harvest is great, and the labourers are few. Therefore, we strive in mobilizing evangelists locally and globally.

We believe

that strong healthy marriages and families are the cornerstone of a healthy society.

We believe

that the body of Christ includes all races, classes and generations. Therefore, we reject all forms of bias, prejudice and discrimination.

We believe

that lives need to be transformed to maturity in Christ.

We believe

that complacency, apathy, legalism and sin are enemies of growth and transformation.

Meet our team

Our team consists of the president, the workers counsel, the executive board, pastors of every congregation and the staff.
All team members are volunteers that accepted their calling.

Executive Board

Bert & Magda Peters
Christo & Vivienne Wieringa
Vice President (Christo)
Daniel & Angie Rossouw
Jeff & Ruth Bain
Member (Jeff)
Willy & Joan Solomons
Member (Willy)
Bertus & Suzanne Booysen
Member (Suzanne)
Paul & Nadia Osmond
Member (Paul)
Paulus & Gerda Peschel
Member (Paulus)
Bennie & Alna Oppermann
Member (Alna)