Our Destination: Christ

It is with grateful hearts that we look back on a blessed and Spirit-filled 2020 conference. Even though most people could only virtually attend the conference, we trust that your spirit was enriched by the spiritual food in abundance. We could, once again, experience that time and distance cannot stop the powerful working of the Holy Spirit. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for participating, in whichever way.

The year 2021 quickly overwhelmed us with unwelcome restrictions, especially with regard to religious gatherings. Amidst this, we should remind each other that the Omnipresent Lord who we serve, truly is ever-present in every way – actively working in our lives, regardless of time or distance. We can only exalt Him for that!

For the year 2021, we again put our trust in Jehovah ‘Ezer – the Lord our Helper. He will help every one of us to fulfil our calling in the year that lies ahead.

Brother van Zyl used the following illustration: Imagine I live in the Cape and you live in Polokwane, and we are both planning to go to Golden Gate in the central part of our country. We have the same destination in mind, but we have to follow different steps to get there. From the Cape, I will have to continue north, maybe by plane, and you to the south, probably by car. We are going to start in different places, travel at different speeds and on our route, we’ll see different things, but we both have the same purpose. In the end, we’ll both end up at the same place, even though our travels will differ.

All Christians have the same purpose: to make Christ known. The previous illustration made it clear that we won’t follow the same steps to get there.

God called Jeremiah to be a prophet for the nations (Jeremiah 1 verse 5). God called Samson to save his people from the Philistines (Judges 13 verse 5). Daniel and Joseph received the command to layout dreams. Abram had to leave his home and family (Genesis 12 verse 3). Different ways, different journeys, the same destination – obedience to God’s will for their lives.

While Jesus and His disciples enjoyed their last meal together, Jesus demonstrated the following truth. He revealed that Satan will sift all the apostles like wheat, but that He specifically interceded for Peter. Jesus’ prayer was that Peter’s faith wouldn’t falter, even if it wavered, and that later on, he will act as a strength and support for his brothers (Luke 22 verse 31 and 32). The Lord’s will for Peter differed from His will for the other apostles. After Peter painfully denied the Lord the night Jesus was taken captive, he eventually repented in obedience.

We all have different gifts (Ephesians 4 verses 7 to 16), different ways and different paths to follow. Even though you and those close to you are striving towards the same purpose, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will take the same road to get there.

In the coming year we will all need to walk on our own with the omnipresent Christ, but with the same common goal to proclaim Him and finally arrive home safely in heavenly glory with Him. Honour the road that the Lord leads you, but also honour the road that the Lord takes your brother and sister on, without commenting about it or looking at each other with disdain. In the end, we are all on our way to our final destination, but we haven’t arrived yet. Be patient with one another; carry each other’s burdens in love and pray for one another. We share a common purpose but we also share a common hope.

Though I walk in the midst of trouble, You will revive me; You will stretch out Your hand against the wrath of my enemies, and Your right hand will save me. The LORD will perfect that which concerns me; Your mercy, o LORD, endures forever; do not forsake the works of Your hands.” (Psalm 138 verses 7 & 8 NKJV)

Mutual respect for the road your neighbour travels on, as well as respect for the way your neighbour carries out his assignment, will eventually guide our ability to be one of heart, mind and spirit while living out Christ’s calling for us on earth.

Be blessed in your purpose and calling in Christ.

Christ in us and Christ through us.

Bert Peters (Jatniël)

The Lord led that the following people be transferred to new fields of labor:

  • Br & Sr Schalk & Maryna van der Merwe from Fairhaven (Cape) to Vredelus (Polokwane)
  • Br & Sr Samuel & Sandra Hendriks from Vredelus (Polokwane) to Jatniel (spiritual leaders)
  • Br & Sr Fred & Delia le Roux – pastor as well as spirital righthand for the President
  • Br & Sr Christo & Vivienne Wieringa from Bethanië (Centurion) to Fairhaven (Cape)
  • Br & Sr Francois & Amanda Kemp from Sarepta (Australia) to Bethanië (Centurion)
  • Br & Sr Johan & Riana de Jager from Nasaret (Witbank) to Sarepta (Australia)
  • Br & Sr Martin & Cathrine Fourie from Bethlehem (Windhoek) to Nasaret (Witbank)
  • Br & Sr Chris & Franci Vermaak from Arauna (Nigel) to Shemarah (Durban) (Help)
  • Br & Sr David & Huldah Joughin from Sion (Koster) to Fairhaven (Wales – UK)
  • Br & Sr Laurie & Caroline Searle (Fairhaven-Wales – retiring in the UK)
  • Br & Sr Adriaan & Tanja van Zyl from Bethanië (Centurion) to Jatniël (electrical)
  • Br & Sr Christo & Madelein Ball from Jatniël to Bethanië (Centurion)
  • Etienne Botha from Berseba (Uitenhage) to Arauna (Nigel)
  • Luzaan Kruger from Berseba (Uitenhage) to Fairhaven (Cape)
  • Sr. Mandie van der Merwe from Emmanuel (Krugersdorp) to Fairhaven (Cape)
  • Sr. Ilona van den Berg from Fairhaven (Cape) to Emmanuel (Krugersdorp)
  • Br & Sus Ozni & Mathilda Visser from Samaria (Empangeni) to Sion (Koster)
  • Br & Sus David & Charlie Wright from Bethanië (Centurion) to Samaria (Empangeni)

We trust that our brothers and sisters will experience and enjoy the blessings of the Holy Spirit in this new season of service at the various congregations.